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Have you ever done something that ended up turning out all wrong? 
Have you ever done a project or had a job that made you miserable every step of the way?
Have you ever agreed to do something then regretted making the commitment?
Have you ever backed out of a commitment, then proceeded to feel terrible or guilty?

Would you like a new way to look at this whole set of circumstances? A way of being with yourself around your decisions and actions?

Always DO What Feels GOOD to YOU!

Human Design provides a whole new perspective on the decision making process. Here are the basics in two sentences. Each individual is one of five Types. Each Type has a unique Strategy for making decisions and taking actions. There is so much more to it than that, but that is sufficient for now. If you want more details, go to my my website and my blog post from last week.

Here’s what I have to say.

Always DO What Feels GOOD to YOU!

We’ll talk more about that in a bit. First let’s look at . . .

How Society Conditions Us to Make Decisions

Marketing campaigns are designed around compelling us to buy on impulse. Obvious examples are commercials for foods, drugs, fashion, . . . ad nauseum. Personal growth and development programs are infamous for the hype that is used to push us into the Big Buy.

We are also told to “Figure it out”. Like the correct place for making decisions is in our heads. Because the logical thought process is the ultimate determining force for decision making.

How about when it comes to jobs and making money? Frequently we take jobs because we feel like we HAVE to. “There are no other jobs available.” “It’s better than what I have now.” “I need the money.”And even if we are unhappy with our jobs, we feel compelled to stay in them, again because we HAVE to. “I’m lucky to have this job.”

When it comes to coming up with ideas and making them happen, we’re told, “Just do it!”

A New Perspective – Waiting & Feeling

According to Human Design, most of this is flat out incorrect for most people. Only 8% of people are designed to ever be able to “Just do it.” The rest of the population, like 92% are designed to WAIT TO MAKE DECISIONS and designed to WAIT TO TAKE ACTION.

Additionally everyone, each and every one of us is designed to ONLY TAKE ACTION WHEN WE FEEL RIGHT about what we are undertaking. What ‘Feeling Right’ about a decision means differs, depending on the individual.

Changing Your Mind – Communication

According to Human Design, timing is a critically important aspect of the decision making process. This is too large a topic to take on looking at in depth today. What will be simplest is looking at how this shows up in the real world.

Have you ever agreed to do something, then decided later that you didn’t want to do it after all? This occurs because how you feel about things may change. If you feel this way, taking that action is probably not correct for you. According to Human Design, the timing is not right for you.

So what do you do? Would you like my recommendation? Renegotiate your agreement. This may be as simple as communicating to whomever is involved that you have changed your mind.

There is absolutely no fault here.

Would you like to see how I look at this when it happens in my life? When I have made an agreement and am therefore committed to something that is not correct for me, I am out of integrity. With myself and with whomever else is involved in my agreement. In my experience, when this happens, everyone involved feels weird and uncomfortable. The lack of integrity is palpable.

By communicating and renegotiating the agreement, I return integrity to both myself and to my relationship with the individual(s) involved.

Always DO What Feels GOOD to YOU!

When you have a decision to make, remember to Always DO What Feels GOOD to YOU. I’m trying something new, and giving you a catchy phrase. So when this situation comes up in your life, you’ll remember.

If you find this useful, please let me know how it goes. 

Human Design charts are free!

Visit my website for details. You can also go to my first posting about Human Design. There are others as well, if you want to explore. I designate them with HD at the end of the posting name, if it’s not written out.

Here’s to You Living an Awesome Life!



Sandra Lynn Lee
Licensed Massage Practitioner, Washington
Human Design Specialist
Certified Practitioner – The Emotion Code/The Body Code
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