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Click image for the  Video .   Image:    Geralt

Click image for the Video.

Image: Geralt

Today’s blog is available in both video and audio formats.

Would you like to attract more opportunities to make a contribution?

This blog episode shares my experiences of how I attract more opportunities by becoming more in alignment with my Human Design blueprint.

You can do this too!

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Audio Format

Human Design Events

Quantum Alignment Show

In August, Sandra and Agalia Baker led a Quantum Alignment Show about Self Worth.

What’s In Your Head?

In June, Sandra led a Quantum Alignment Show Panel Discussion with other Human Design Specialists exploring people’s experiences with the various configurations of Head/Ajna Center Definition.

Recordings of the Quantum Alignment Show are available free to everyone.

Do You Have Your Human Design Chart?

Charts are free to anyone.

Click the button to go to my Charts & Readings page, where you can request charts.

The Value of Understanding Your Personal Chart

Understanding the specifics of your personal Human Design chart helps make sense of how you experience life and relationships.

Consider having a reading to interpret your chart. This will make sense of the events and circumstances of your life, and provide you with practical strategies for managing them.

Image:    dimaberkut

Image: dimaberkut

Click the button to go to my Charts & Readings page.

It is my pleasure helping you understand how you experience your Human Design.

Here’s to transforming your experience of yourself!


Want to Be Younger? Thinner? More Energetic? Stronger?

Please check out another post! About a terrific product that is making a huge difference in my strength.

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It’s in your actual life that all of this makes its real difference.Enjoy. Please let me know what you think!

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Attract your perfect opportunities!


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Attract your perfect opportunities!

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Sandra Lee

Licensed Massage Therapist (WA State)

Human Design Specialist Level 4

Quantum Alignment System Practitioner Level 2

Healing Codes Practitioner, The Emotion Code/The Body Code Practitioner

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, I can help you identify imbalances and malfunctions in your body's ability to function and heal. As a bodywork practitioner and a practitioner of emotional and energetic healing modalities, I am able to provide recommendations to assist you in taking care of yourself. However, I cannot diagnose or treat any condition. Nothing in this post is designed to diagnose or treat any condition. At the bottom of this page is a link to a more extensive disclaimer.

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