What is Biofield Tuning?

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Sandra Lee, Energy Healer

Biofield Tuning is a form of sound therapy that resets the energy field around your body (the biofield, also called the aura) and relaxes the nervous system.

Using tuning forks, a practitioner identifies areas of energetic disruption and restores them to balance.

A balanced biofield helps people:

  • Feel calm, energized, and empowered.
  • Develop a truer sense of self, values, and purpose.
  • Gain clarity of thought.
  • Make healthier choices.
  • Ease generational trauma.
  • Recover from injury.
  • Heal relationships.

Who Benefits from Biofield Tuning?

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People who want to feel better.

Whatever imbalance you are experiencing, Biofield Tuning may help.

People who want to live a fuller life.

If you have the constant feeling of wanting more—to make a bigger contribution, or to be living your true purpose—you’re probably ready for an energy realignment.


Biofield Tuning can release tension and disruption, giving you the ability to clarify your decision-making process and to move ahead.

People who want freedom from stress and overwhelm.

One of the most consistent experiences with Biofield Tuning is feeling more calm, balanced, and centered.


This frees you up to move forward with what matters in life.

People who get in their own way.

Overthinking can have real consequences. It affects your beliefs about yourself and your life. It impacts your physical health. And, ultimately, it undermines the things you want to accomplish.


Balanced energy can help get you out of dangerous thinking loops and free you to make clear-headed choices.

People who feel like it's all up to them.

The belief that the world will fall apart without you (“If I don’t do this, no one will”) keep you stuck, spinning, and trapped. Often, this outlook is the result of a history of trauma.


When the energy flow gets blocked or stuck, stress, discomfort and dysfunction happen. Physically, mentally and emotionally.


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Some people have experienced so much physical and non-physical trauma that it can impact their ability to function day-to-day. Biofield Tuning helps them have more ease and peace within themselves. And they have an easier time managing the daily stresses of life and relationships.


Here is a testimonial. “I took a bad fall and sprained my wrist. It was swollen and bruised. Sandra did a distance session. As she worked, the bruise faded, and I was able to close my hand, and move my wrist through gentle range of


I’m seeing people’s long term symptoms improve, and function increase with a variety of chronic issues.



In the video this came from, Oly walks across the floor.

“My old cowboy 🤠 Oly couldn’t walk and wasn’t breathing good. I thought last night was his last. Sandra Lee did distant Bio Field Tuning and the mucus that filled his lungs has almost disappeared and he is walking. Big Shout out and heartfelt thank you, Sandra.” ~ Valerie Terrell, Defining Image Photographs
“I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for change, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. She has a wealth of knowledge and abilities to share.” ~ Alandra Shaffer
“This is powerful and wonderful therapy. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain for acute injuries.” ~ LS

Biofield Tuning Sessions

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Individual Sessions

It is recommended to have at least three sessions, so a significant shift becomes noticeable. And single sessions are available.

Group Sessions

Because the issues being addressed during the session will be general, as opposed to individually specific, some people experience less noticeable change. Group sessions may actually be more powerful, because of the group energy and dynamic.


Group sessions are more affordable than individual sessions.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

If you’re not sure where to begin, get in touch. I’m happy to help you decide what is right for you.

Let’s schedule a complimentary Discover What’s Possible consultation.

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