Big Dreams Program

Dream big

Do you have big dreams?

Are you unsure where to start?

You seek to make a profound difference in the world.

As a healer or coach you have a deep passion for assisting others, and you're aware of the positive change you bring to the world.

However, juggling the demands of promoting your business and aiding others can be overwhelming. Balancing family commitments and self-care is also crucial.

At times, you're stretched thin, and unable to commit to much more.

So how do you find the time and energy to focus on world transformation?

Does that sound like your life?

I've been there, and that led me to create The Big Dreams Program. This program is designed to enable us to take more proactive steps towards what I refer to as our world-changing dreams.

Beyond busyness & overwhelm

I came to understand that the issues I was facing extended beyond the obvious pressures of my life.

It struck home when my coach inquired, "What do you truly desire?" And I felt confused, with a blank slate for a mind.

I didn't believe in myself.

With such a mentality, my progress was stunted.

During my sessions with the coach, I did formulate some truly remarkable and inspiring intentions. You will hear about them in The Big Dreams Program.

Following this, what was the outcome? Unfortunately, nothing.

Until now.


The Big Dreams Program: Get Clear & Make It Real

I built The Big Dreams Program with the intention of proactively supporting us in acting towards our world-changing dreams.

This is a self-paced program, structured into two segments.

Before delving into the specifics, I highlight an important difference. Typically, such programs tend to adopt a rather masculine approach. This program has been consciously crafted to be softer and more feminine. If you're like me and have concerns and fears, I believe it's crucial to take this into account.

Part 1: The Dreams Discovery Process

Do you find yourself in a similar position as I once was? Desiring to create a significant impact in the world, but lacking a clear roadmap on how to achieve this.

In Dreams Discovery, you embark on a journey to discover your dreams!

Dreams come in many shapes and sizes, from wanting to get healthy, to building an empire. There is no such thing as too big or too small.

Even if you feel like you are clear on your dreams, you might be surprised at what comes up! After this fun discovery process you will have a comprehensive list of your dreams (big and small) laid out in front of you.

Part 2: The Action Planning Process

Making your dreams become a reality takes Action.

The Action Planning Process will help you gain even more clarity on your dreams. This process helps you get focused.

When you are through you will have prioritized your dreams in a meaningful way. With this clarity you will be well on your way to achieving your dreams!

Sandra wearing maroon in the doorway with sparkles

You're ready to begin

Enjoy The Big Dreams Program.

Have fun creating dreams that will inspire you to action.

Take your time

You have all of the time you want. There's no rush. Allow your dreams to evolve.


Change happens one action at a time.

Sandra in front of paintings
Big Dreams Program Introductory Video
Sandra in front of paintings, hands spread
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Download Big Dream Program Documents

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Part 2: The Action Planning Process

Track & Prioritize Task List for Your Dreams Spreadsheets
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Task & Prioritize Task Lists

Instructions documents

There are two versions of the instructions.

One for people who are already familiar with spreadsheets.

More detailed instructions for people who want comprehensive instructions.

Sandra Lee with her tuning fork

Bonus: Biofield Tuning Session Aligning You with Your Dream ~ Audio Recording

This Biofield Tuning Session focused on issues with Communication and being heard.

The Big Dream Program Instructional Videos

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Module 1: Welcome to The Big Dreams Program

Sandra in front of paintings, arms spread

Module 2: The Dreams Discovery Process

Sandra in front of paintings, hand up

Module 3: The Action Planning Process

Make Anything Possible Group Session Recordings

Replays will stay on this page for a month. If you want to keep the files, download them.

See the email you received following the session.

Download links expire in a month.

For You to Read.

Please read this document with possible intentions for you to hold to get the most out of participating in The Big Dreams Program and the MAP Group Sessions.

It also mentions some basic agreements.

You may have received this document by email.

Click here for the document.

April 4

What holds me back from knowing what my dreams are.

What has me resist even going through the dreams discovery process.

April 11

We worked a lot on healing issues associated with communication and being heard.

We worked on physical body issues and symptoms.

April 18

We worked on healing issues holding us back from taking action.

Several people present during the session developed action steps for moving forward!

That's progress!

April 25

We worked on opening the crown and energizing our emotions and voices for powerfully intending.

We also worked on money, finances, and abundance.

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