The s—#&%* Hits the Fan & Being in Control

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The s—#&%* Hits the Fan & Being in Control. Following the May theme of Perfectionism & Your Business.

And Trivia.

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Tuning Up to Thrive

The s—#&%* Hits the Fan & Being in Control

Perfectionism & Your Business ~ May’s Theme

“I am a recovering control freak.”
That’s me.

Is that you too? 🤣

I had a different Perfectionism video ready to go for this week’s newsletter. It completely fit with the “I don’t know how” theme that I’ve followed this week. And I switched it.

I’m going along doing the ‘normal’ things for my business, like preparing this newsletter. And there’s a tech glitch. You know what that’s like, huh. Yeah, it’s ho-hum everyday kind of stuff. And it’s annoying as #&%* when it happens. Right? Don’t lie to me now. You know you react.

Immediately, I was like 💥 Pow. Want to punch somebody. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

The reality of life is that sometimes the s—#&%* hits the fan. And you just have to deal.

There’s a What Happened. I put the YouTube link for the Sundays with Sandra video into Beehiiv, … and the video doesn’t load.

Then there’s what happened in my head in response. “What the #&%*??” Yeah, right. 🤣

Fortunately, I am long past my used-to-be-response of punching at or throwing something. Yes, my head used to be that messed up.
I thank God for three decades of healing myself, and now the Make Anything Possible (MAP) Method that you get to experience today. Hint, hint. Watch the video. Yes, you. 👆

So in actuality, I didn’t say or do anything to indicate that something was amiss in Denmark.

Instead, I decided to switch the blog video to feature in this week’s blog article. Voilá! And here we are.

I certainly hope Beehiiv gets their act together so I can post YouTube videos! Because if they don’t, you won’t have the Sundays with Sandra cooking video OR the blog video I am referring to right now. 🤣 Ya gotta laugh.

Go watch the blog video. I do Make Anything Possible healing to address what we call the Protector/Controller in MAP.


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Watch this week’s video for healing with the Make Anything Possible Method.

Change Happens One Action at a Time.
Sandra Lee


Trivia blocks


Here are trivia bits about Perfectionism. Thanks ChatGPT!

  1. Creative Fields: Perfectionism is often prevalent in creative fields such as art, music, and writing, where individuals strive for flawless expression or execution of their craft.

  2. Evolutionary Perspective: Some psychologists suggest that perfectionism may have evolutionary roots, as striving for excellence could have provided survival advantages in ancestral environments by increasing one’s chances of success and social status within the group.

Sandra’s notes: About #1 and flawless execution. I feel compelled to make Healers Bloom perfect. Impossible, I know. And right now, I have a s—#&%* ton to do. So I am allowing myself to not do everything the way my mind things I ‘should.’ No Canva cover for the video with an image from the video in the little screen. Will anybody even notice or care? Probably not. But these are the compulsions that come with perfectionism.

About #2 and evolutionary perspective. Certainly perfectionist tendencies and behaviors develop as survival mechanisms, and sometimes they contribute survival advantages. Thank goodness for that.

~ Sandra


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