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30 minutes to reclaim power over your thoughts

Welcome to Breakthrough Booster:


9 Steps to Clear Limiting Beliefs for a Successful Holistic Practice

Take 30 minutes to reclaim power over your thoughts.

This mini-course is in 4 video modules.

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You're ready to clear the limiting beliefs that hold you back from attracting an abundance of clients…

And ultimately... what about expanding the scope of the business so you confidently take family holidays, knowing your staff can handle operations seamlessly.

(By the way, if you don't have a business, are limiting beliefs in your way for other reasons?

Clearing them will help you be happier, more satisfied, and abundant. What mind-blowing opportunities would you love to attract?)

You've tried...

❌ Clearing limiting beliefs on your own but it just doesn't work.

❌ Healing modalities such as counseling, Reiki and tapping but the results don’t last.

❌ Affirmations and positive thoughts, but the “I told you so” voice in your head doesn’t believe a word of it.

❌ Leaving the limiting beliefs to deal with another day, and distracting yourself with some mindless activity so you can still say, “I worked.” And that got you exactly nowhere.

There is another way.


I'm here today to share with you the secret to unlocking your potential as a healer and the key to attracting mindblowing opportunities — which IS clearing your limiting beliefs.

And ultimately, ... what about expanding the scope of the business so you confidently take family holidays knowing your staff can handle operations seamlessly.

Take 30 minutes to reclaim power over your thoughts.

Turn up the flame feeding your magic.

Module 1: Welcome to Breakthrough Booster & Intro

Module 2: Limiting Beliefs Circuit Breaker Overview

Module 3: Breathe, Awareness and Choose

Module 4: Why the other 6 steps & Conclusion

Dream big

What's next? The Big Dreams Program

The early events and traumas of childhood lead to the formation of beliefs about what's possible. These roots grow into what become the beliefs and patterns that shape the entirety of your life.

Focusing conscious healing on these roots makes available new possibilities for happiness, fulfillment and mind-blowing success in your business beyond your wildest dreams.

I introduce The Big Dreams Program to support you in living into the dreams you have to change the world.

In the Breakthrough Booster, I talk about the Dive Into the Roots program. Shortly after creating Dive Into the Roots, I discovered a new healing method that is more effective.

Dive Into the Roots is no longer available.

If you're interested, here's more about this story.

Let me be honest with you. Not long after I released the Breakthrough Booster, I discovered a healing method that’s even more powerful! Of course, I still cherish and utilize the Breathe, Awareness, and Choose steps you’ve already become familiar with.

However, I’ve stumbled upon a simpler and more potent method to advance, compared to the remaining steps in the Limiting Beliefs Circuit Breaker approach.

Personally, I have immense dreams, yet I hadn't really made an effort to bring them to life.

I'm sure you also have ambitions and ideas about how you want to make a difference in the world.

That's why I came up with The Big Dreams Program. It's designed to help you gain clarity on your aspirations and then motivate you to achieve them!

And it doesn't stop there, with your program, you get what I like to call 🚀 Rocket Fuel, to help you overcome obstacles when they arise due to old limiting beliefs.

This includes community support and healing sessions with the powerful new healing modality that has so transformed my life and my business.


Is it time for a new Vision?

Life feels insane, and there's too much to do!

Healers and coaches like you and I love helping people. Deep down inside we all want to make the world a better place.

However sometimes we want to help so much we forget to fill our cup, we forget to take care of ourselves.

When is the time for self-care? For you to relax, and to spend time with your loved ones.

With all of the demands on your time, energy, and attention, sometimes there's nothing left at the end of the week for focusing on world transformation.

Can you relate?

Here's my new program.

The Big Dreams Program: Get Clear and Make It Real


Thank you.

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