Fun & Miracles All Year

miracle jar

Tuning Up to Thrive It is undeniable that daily habits have a impact on both my personal life and my healing business. This is why I believe in the power of cultivating real habits rather than making fleeting New Year’s Resolutions. This week’s video delves into new habits I added to invite more fun and…

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Happy New Year! 🌟 What FUN are You Creating?

woman arms open in front of balloons

Tuning Up to Thrive Happy New Year! Are you setting intentions and goals, making plans for the year? Whatever it is I am doing this year, I am prioritizing fun. These sparkles are part of my having fun. I want more magic and love in my work. And I want you to receive fun, magic…

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Have fun? What? 🤣 & Merry Christmas! 🎁

Wood xmas dolls in snow

Tuning Up to Thrive When you are with people, are you genuinely having fun? Perhaps you feel uncomfortable fully expressing yourself. See if you can begin to create an environment wherein you feel safe and can be heard, allowing you to be your authentic self. (Now, reading this, it may seem like I’m saying this…

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Intentions & Awareness During the Holidays

hands with light on sparkly blue background

Tuning Up to Thrive Are you the life of the party? Or do you fade into the background? 💗 You are not alone! That’s been me, a wallflower silently yearning to find my voice. In this season of office parties and neighborhood potlucks, wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel more comfortable and confident? Thanks to…

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Self-care & Connection During the Holidays

hands with light on sparkly red background

Tuning Up to Thrive Breathe. And pause the running around. Allow stress to melt away. Breathe. 💗 It’s all too common to prioritize everyone else’s needs over your own, especially during the holiday season. I wanted to take a moment to address the added pressures and demands that can amplify tensions in your marriage during…

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Holidays & Feeling Separate

red box with human design and others flying out

Tuning Up to Thrive Do you have holiday stories? 🎄🎁 Last week, I shared about holidays with my large family. This got me thinking about other memories associated with those times. Here’s a video delving into those stories. 👆 Check it out! As a teenager, I was just like any other girl, dealing with my…

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Gratitude & Self-Love for a Satisfying Holiday Season

children with candles

Tuning Up to Thrive As we gear up for the holiday season, I wanted to remind you of the incredible power of nurturing yourself and spreading gratitude to your loved ones. This simple act of self-care can work wonders in combatting stress and overwhelm. (I’m reposting some old weekly newsletters to catch up.) Let’s make…

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Work less & accomplish more in healing

Tuning Up to Thrive Work less & accomplish more in your healing practice Would you like to work less and receive more money? Ultimately, that’s the question. The natural thing to ask is, “How?” Personally, I’m uprooting limiting beliefs about what’s possible and making progress on the How. In this series of blogs, I talk…

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Stuck in marketing & limiting beliefs

Tuning Up to Thrive Getting stuck in marketing & limiting beliefs Sometimes I just get paralyzed and totally give up. I know it would be easier for me to get inspiration for an email sequence on ChatGPT. But I don’t know how to do it. Limiting beliefs are behind this. “I don’t know how. I…

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30 minutes to reclaim power from negative thoughts

Business woman with questions and stress

Tuning Up to Thrive 30 minutes to reclaim power from negative thoughts This morning my husband and I cut each other’s hair. We’ve done this for years, but when we started he said, “I don’t know how.” He didn’t want to do it, and I understood. “I don’t know how” is a limiting belief. One…

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Limiting beliefs & food choices

silhouette of woman eating in the dark

Tuning Up to Thrive Limiting beliefs & food choices When limiting beliefs are in my way, I seek distractions from the task I’m avoiding. That is when I make the very worst food choices. Do you ever do that? Now the truth is, I do this a whole lot less than I used to. Because…

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What stops you? Limiting beliefs

Colorful picture of woman with flames

Tuning Up to Thrive What stops you from taking action? Do you have things to do, but instead you distract yourself? That’s been me. Thoughts and limiting beliefs hold me back, when I don’t know how to do something. Why do limiting beliefs get in the way? The real problem is that we don’t delve deeper…

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