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Foundational Elements of Human Design

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Relationships are treasures

Connecting with friends touches my heart and brings smiles.

Each time I click to let someone into a Zoom meeting, my face breaks into a big grin at this opportunity to see a friend, or to make a new acquaintance. It feels a bit goofy, and nobody sees it but me. 🤣

Relationships make life worthwhile.

Thank you!

Human Design & Attraction in Relationships

What draws people to you?

Today’s Foundational Elements of Human Design video talks about what attracts people to each other, making for fun themes in our relationships. Watch the video. 👆

💰 Here’s a business tip. Running Human Design charts for your clients provides extraordinarily valuable insights and clarity. This can add tremendous depth to your relationship with them. (Let me know if you want to explore a collaboration to provide your clients with charts and readings.)

I go into greater detail on this relationship topic in my blog in Medium. Visit me on this fun platform with fascinating authors and reads.

Making Powerful & Effective Decisions Checklist

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Awaken the Heart of Your Business

Does it sound like working with Sandra Lee might be right for you?

Book a Call and pull your Human Design chart and customized Chart Guide. We can talk about how you would benefit from Human Design and Biofield Tuning.

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Human Design is a powerful tool for guiding you to live into the Heart of your business.


I came to Sandra because I was looking for clarity in my business and my voice. Sandra is intuitive for what you really need. Understanding my Human Design gave me peace, knowing that some of the things I do are my design. I really felt excited when it was time for a session. “Oh good, I get to figure out more words.” I feel more in flow and more at peace with my business. And I would truly suggest it for anybody.”

After the video, Amy said, “The psychology of knowing I’m going to talk with you raises my vibration.” 🥰

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Awaken the Heart of Your Business

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Sandra Lee

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Sandra Lee

HealerSandra Lee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 30 years, and is now a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Human Design Specialist.

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