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Sandra Lee founder of Miracle inspirations

Sandra Lee obtained her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1986. This facilitated a deep love for science. In 1992 she became a Licensed Massage Therapist. As she worked with clients she found herself more aware of how intuition guided her in helping her clients heal more meaningfully.


This awareness of how intuition could enhance her client's results set her on a path of finding balance between science and the metaphysical with truth and integrity. A path that marries eastern and western healing modalities and techniques.


Sandra became a Human Design Specialist in 2012 allowing her to become a lighthouse beacon to so many people lost in the choppy seas of uncertainty. Like a lighthouse she started using intuition along with knowledge of Human Design to guide her clients. This gives them much needed clarity allowing them to shine their light confidently as they move with truth and integrity towards their purpose and goals.


In 2020 Sandra added Biofield Tuning to her toolbelt. As a Biofield Tuning Practitioner she could more effectively remove barriers and blockages. This freed her clients to move smoothly towards their purpose, goals and dreams.


Sandra came across a process called MAP (Make Anything Possible) in September 2023. She was so impressed with its effectiveness that by Janurary 2024 she was a MAP Practitioner.  The first time she received a session herself memories she had been healing for 30 years were resolved in just one session! Sandra knew immediately that she wanted to share these results with her clients.


Now, Sandra uses all of the tools in her toolbox to help her clients find what lights up their soul. Sandra has dedicated her life to shining a light on the messages you might be missing from your soul. She creates a safe space for her clients to explore and remove blockages, stresses and issues that dull their sparkle and delay their journey towards their purpose and big dreams.



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Sandra contributed chapters to three bestselling books. The Energy Medicine Solution, Stop Overworking & Start Overflowing, and Abundance by Design.

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To create clarity of purpose for women about what’s right for them, inspiring them to create lives, relationships, and businesses where everyone thrives and is happy and fulfilled.

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To become an advisor aiding businesses, organizations and governments in affecting change that defines true evolutionary sustainability.

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