Sandra Lee is an intuitive healer.

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When you're building a thriving wellness practice, understanding your big Why guides your actions. Sandra Lee of Miracle Inspirations loves helping you consciously align your passion and your purpose, lighting a fire of passion, truth, and fulfillment that sees you jumping out of bed in the morning. Your unique qualities and strengths pop out of the background of your ‘normal’ daily activities.

If you struggle to attract clients, clearing limiting beliefs paves the way for success and abundance. If you’ve worked on limiting beliefs for years only to have them come back, have hope. Sandra has her signature Limiting Beliefs Circuit Breaker Approach.

Sandra is unique in combining several effective techniques, amplifying the capabilities of each: Human Design, Biofield Tuning, and Universal White Time Gemstone Healing. She also has her own Inner Gem Shine Card Deck Kit. As a health care practitioner for over 30 years, she explains things in a relatable, easy-to-understand way, offering practical, realistic actions.

Sandra Lee is a Life Opportunity Catalyst dedicated to empowering women healers and wellness professionals in building thriving wellness practices that leave a lasting impact.

She empowers you to live your truth, thrive, and be happy.

Turn up the flame feeding your magic


Sandra Lee
Life Opportunity Catalyst

Sandra contributed chapters to three bestselling books. The Energy Medicine Solution, Stop Overworking & Start Overflowing, and Abundance by Design.

Turn up the flame feeding your magic

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