The Human Design Chart

In the Human Design System there are 5 Types. Each Type has a unique and powerful strategy for making the right decisions.

I'Ching Coins -  Photo: - flaps

I'Ching Coins - Photo: - flaps

There are 9 Centers which are either Undefined (white) or Defined (colored). Defined Centers represent your basic wiring. These remain consistent throughout your life. You will experience them as Themes in your relationships and experiences throughout the entire span of your lifetime.

Chakras -  Photo: - Roxana Gonzales

Chakras - Photo: - Roxana Gonzales

There are 32 Channels, each of which is made up of two halves for a total of 64 Gates. Gates correlate to the 64 hexagrams in the Chinese I'Ching. Each Gate is either white, red, black, or red/black striped.

Tree of Life -  Photo: azzardo

Tree of Life - Photo: azzardo

In black are your Conscious Gates, representing where the planets were at the moment of your birth. In red are your Unconscious Gates, representing where the planets were on what Human Design calls your Unconscious Birth Date, approximately three months prior to your actual birth. Striped Gates indicate that you have that aspect in both your Conscious and Unconscious personality.

There are 12 Profiles possible. Your Profile tells the story of your major life themes, and of how your personality interacts with society.

Human Design is a synthesis of Eastern and Western astrology, the Chinese I'Ching, the Kabbalah (Tree of Life), the Hindu Chakra System, and modern Quantum Physics.

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"I REALLY got a lot out of my reading. I am fascinated to discover that many of the unique ways of being and relating that I have adopted in my life are consistent with my Design. I am pleased and intrigued, and I so value the importance of the timing for this in my life. I can’t wait for the next part to be revealed."

    ~ Anna Bofill, Oklahoma

"I have always had a sense that things happen for a reason. When I met Sandra, I instantly knew that she came into my life for a purpose. Not long after meeting her, she told me about Human Design, and from that day forward my whole life has changed! Learning about the aspects of myself that were not defined, and how that would impact my consistency in expression in these areas, it made perfect sense! For years (really a lifetime) I've wondered why it was so difficult for me to express how I feel to certain people, like my parents! Through Human Design, I've learned that my communication center is not defined, so communication may be difficult for me. Now I understand that, despite what I do, this is how I am. So I can stop beating myself up about something I can't change! Instead, I now focus my energy on accepting that I have this difficulty and working with it the best way that I can. I have taken the liberty of sharing with my friends and family about my chart, so that they are more aware. Now I think we're starting to understand each other better. Human Design is better than any birth chart or horoscope you could ever read, because it is truly a road map of how you were made. It can shed light on how you interact with others, how you respond to stress, even how you parent your children!"

    ~ Marsha Fulton, Olympia, Washington

"I loved the reading! Plus it was fun! I learned that aspects of my life that I have experienced as frustrating area actually part of how I am designed. Now I see these situations as opportunities to make my contribution to the world. I feel so much lighter. The reading was a grand gift beyond my imagination."

    ~ Polly Williams, Olympia, Washington

"My partner and I got a lot from our readings. I am impressed with how 'bang on' the information is! You clarified and validated the sentiments we have experienced together. This will help us define our relationship from today forward."

    ~ Anonymous, Penticton, British Columbia

"We had the pleasure of doing Human Design charts for our family with Sandra, as well as a series of family coaching sessions. My husband and I both found this experience enlightening and informative. I had quite a few 'ah ha!' moments, and a lot of her insights were right on! I recommend this for everyone. I had only experienced astrology before this and really enjoyed a different perspective. All of the tips we received for our family were very helpful! Wonderful experience!"

    ~ Anonymous, Penticton, BC

To request your Free Human Design Chart, please go to the Charts & Readings page.



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