Your Purpose Through Business ~ Human Design

attract your perfect customers Purpose Human Design

Foundational Elements of Human Design Contribute Your Purpose through Business ~ Human Design “I know I’m here for a reason. I want to start a business, but I don’t know what it would be.” “Why am I here?” This is the most frequent struggle that my clients bring to their Human Design readings. Contribute your…

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Would You Benefit? Inner Gem Shine System

Sandra with Inner Gem Shine Cards and a Layout

Inner Gem Shine System How would you benefit from the Inner Gem Shine system? People really love my cards!“This is so amazingly simple and easy to use!” That’s what one of my clients said this week. šŸ’– In the video , I share about the kinds of things they are good for. Uh, well, like…

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Happy & Healthy Children ~ Human Design

girls in dresses holding hands and walking, happy children

Foundational Elements of Human Design Happy & Healthy Children with Human Design When friends and family have babies, the gift I give them is a Human Design reading for the baby. At birth, a baby is a clean slate, and everything is a potential. Then each choice made and each belief formed shapes their possibilities.…

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Lead the Way ~ Line 6 Profile

Climbing a mountain following the leader francois olwage

Foundational Elements of Human Design Lead the Way ~ Line 6 Profiles “When you were in high school, were you the one who led your little group of friends?””Yup. That was me.” This is the quintessential Line 6 Profile experience. Being a natural leader. Line 6 is the Role Model Profile. Now there’s way more…

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Sharing Good Things In Life ~ Line 5 Profile

three women sharing and laughing

Foundational Elements of Human Design Sharing Good Things In Life ~ Line 5 Profiles “I just invited 21 people to join me in participating in your program.”šŸ¤£ This is a typical Line 5 Profile experience. When Line 5s find something wonderful, they love sharing it so everyone can benefit. ‘Universalizing‘ is the descriptive word for…

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