Forks for Clear Thinking

It feels like my head is swimming and out of control. I can’t focus. Give up on getting anything done. What’s happening? I ate ‘too much’ sugar, and my brain is wigged out. If you care about your brain’s ability to sustain throughout a long and healthy life, managing blood sugar matters! This blog talks…

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Food As Reward


“When you’ve cleaned your room, you can have a popsicle.” “If you’re good while I’m gone and go to bed when Sarah asks, you can have a piece of candy tomorrow.” “After you’ve cleaned your plate, you can have dessert.” What about this one. “Well, you can sit there until you’ve finished it.” Can you…

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Energy of Money

energy of money, attract, magnet, coins, bills falling

I freaked out when I saw the money wasn’t in my account for the bill. I realized the entire energy field of my body was slammed shut. I did Biofield Tuning for myself, and my energy returned to ‘normal.’ Now I know what it’s like having a panic attack. Your Relationship With Money Do you…

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Crazy-Amazing Love

Crazy amazing love, couple holding hands on shore, sunset, hearts

“You’re the bestest!” “I love you thiiisss much!” My husband and I are happier now than when we met over 15 years ago. At the same time, our relationship is pretty ‘normal.’ When we are together, I might express affection in words or with physical contact multiple times in an hour. He is affectionate in…

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No More Pain In the Neck

Find Freedom from Pain Heal through your biofield Body stores stress

I have a sharp pain in my upper back and neck, and a tight and painful shoulder and upper arm. Perhaps worse are the continual spasms in my forearm and wrist. Almost all of my work is Biofield Tuning. This involves striking and holding tuning forks to work on people. My right arm is so…

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