Daily Learnings, Life Purpose & Human Design

Providing daily stimulation for your brain is important, so it stays healthy and functioning. Keep on learning! The ability to build nerve connections within your brain continues, right up to your final day of life. According to a recent study, the number one condition Americans over 60 are afraid of getting is Alzheimer’s and dementia…

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Release Trauma & Pain

Trauma in body memory, pain, body stores stress, memory & clear thinking

Have you ever had pain and felt hopeless about being able to do anything about it? As a massage therapist, it is very common for me to see people struggle with loss of hope, when they are dealing with persistent pain, injury, or any other health issue. They can also feel powerless to be able…

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Will Power & Decision Fatigue

stress blows circuits man

Anytime I tell myself that I ‘should’ do something, I’m trying to change my behavior. I am also very aware of my past experience with these ‘promises’ to Self. To be honest with you, sometimes I successfully incorporate new habits, and other times I do not. If you’re reading this, then I think perhaps you’re…

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Ask Yourself New Questions

Today, I share a story of how I’ve gotten through a challenge. It is relevant to today’s video topic. I also talk about positive changes to the blog. So before you get to the video, there’s more writing than usual. 😊 Writing has always been a struggle. When it’s important, I push myself. But writing…

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Celebrate Your Successes

For a couple of weeks, I have been talking about taking consistent action in ways that support your success — success in health, happiness, relationships, work, business, or whatever you care about. How do you feel about yourself and what you are — or aren’t — accomplishing? I used to really punish myself for ‘failing’…

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