Powerful Food Choices for Health

How you eat has a greater impact on your health than does any other choice. And overall health is the biggest factor determining how well you manage stress.Today’s video blog talks about foods that most people do not consider adding to their diets.This is the Your Health ‘On’ Stress & What You Can Do series.…

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Fires & Vulnerability

With uncontrollable fires once again wreaking havoc and driving people out of their homes, I recall how fragile our ‘normal’ existence is. We human like to think that we are in control. But in reality, there are forces that overpower us. We feel vulnerable. What CAN we do? This is the Your Health ‘On’ Stress…

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Be Honest About What Works

fear emotion in water memory body energy field

I hired people to do something for me. And I really needed them to make modifications. But I was holding back from saying anything. My entire life, I have been overly concerned about bothering people. Many people had extraordinarily challenging childhood experiences. In comparison, mine was a walk in the park. I was super fortunate,…

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What Do You REALLY Want? Do You Know?!?

The coronavirus shutdown and social distancing are shattering our societies and economies. Any semblance of ‘normal’ life is nowhere in sight, and people are doing whatever it takes to survive. Friends talk about struggling financially, and feeling stuck when it comes to their ability to work. It makes sense that depression, suicide, and addiction are…

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Symptoms & Layers of Healing

Trauma in body memory, pain, body stores stress, back pain

Symptoms can make people feel helpless. Particularly when they just appear, seemingly without cause. As a health care provider for 28 years, many people have come to me asking for relief from ‘new’ symptoms. “I didn’t DO anything. Nothing happened. The symptom just appeared.” There is always more to it than nothing. I help people…

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