Your Health ‘On’ Stress & What You Can Do

What can you Do to reduce the impacts of Stress on your life and your health? This is always an important question. In these coronavirus times, stress and fear are rampant. Making stress management even more critical. HEALTH IMPACTS … ALREADY We have social distancing and the resulting isolation that many people are experiencing. Many…

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Free Yourself From Paralyzing Stres

Stress leads to symptoms Woman with headache hold her head

In these crazy coronavirus times, fear, anxiety and stress are everywhere. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, Look for Opportunity Instead of Danger, where you focus your thoughts and emotions makes all the difference. You can come from an Opportunity perspective, and even help other people make a positive shift in their mindset. Next…

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Look For Opportunity Instead of Danger!

Everyone is talking about the coronavirus epidemic — governments, media, and people around you. The media is particularly inflammatory, whipping everyone up into a frenzy of fear. This can be paralyzing. It was for me. I will share more about this experience in my blog next week. For today, let’s talk about your ability to…

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From Chaos & Stress to Grounded & Calm

Chaos stress emotion stores in the body

Chaos & Uncertainty The world is unquestionably different than it was even one month ago. Coronavirus/COVID-19 has brought stress, fear, and anxiety. Social distancing and business shutdowns. Restrictions and shortages. People are stressed and overwhelmed. Suffering from a loss of human interaction and contact. We are fundamentally social beings. Isolation is difficult, perhaps even painful.…

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