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Hello, I'm Sandra Lee.

If you feel like you're not creating the impact you desire in your healing or wellness business, I hear you. The real problem is when you just keep hitting replay on that mental loop tape.

When I need to jump out of the rut, I call for help and a dose of "Outside-of-my-head perspective."

Human Design provides a life blueprint. Your unique gifts need to be shared with the world. It's an "Aha!" experience recognizing your specialness in the ho-hum of daily life. With this awareness you cultivate greater intention, abundance and freedom.

You Shine and the world starts offering up a new menu of opportunities.

I personally prepare every Human Design Chart requested on this site. Once you have a Chart from me, I’m ready to help you learn what it means.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me and pull your Human Design chart and customized Chart Guide. It’s totally free!

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9 Steps to Clear Limiting Beliefs for a Successful Holistic Practice

Attract your perfect customers

Are you a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur? The life of your business has a Chart, too! Schedule a free discovery call with Sandra Lee of Miracle Inspirations.

You'll learn how a complete Business Design Chart Reading paired with Biofield Tuning can help you tune into your gifts and share them. Align with the truth of how you are designed to serve and as a result, more easily attract your perfect customers.

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Biofield Tuning is a natural technique to pair with the reading of a Human Design Chart.

Blockages and chaos in your energy pathways cause problems in mental and physical health and ultimately inhibit alignment with your true purpose.

The sound frequencies of an activated tuning fork break through those blockages, settle the chaos, and aid you in fully aligning with your gifts and how you use them to serve.

Regular Chart Readings paired with tuning sessions are highly recommended by Miracle inspirations and Sandra Lee!


Is your business stuck? Are you looking for ways to make progress and find opportunity?

Biofield Tuning can help business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs facilitate growth and hone their purpose, especially when paired with regular Business Design Chart Readings.

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