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Introducing Sandra Lee

Your soul has healing messages for you!

I can help you hear them and create that roadmap to your purpose!

You might be asking why don't we see what was right there? We are simply too close to it.

Being too close to yourself to see what's right there can happen with anything!

By providing a safe healing environment and tuning in, I can help you receive and translate your soul's messages. I see a roadmap within your body of obstacles, stresses, injuries, trauma, blockages and issues.

To align you with your soul's purpose we use several tools from my toolbox. Your Human Design is the lighthouse that guides you to smoother waters, calls others to you, and provides the treasure map to your purpose. Biofield Tuning and MAP Sessions (Make Anything Possible) can help you remove that which doesn't serve you, and align you with what does fit.

Guided by the clarity provided through this powerful combination of tools, you settle into a peaceful satisfaction that comes with deeply knowing your truth. You will gain confidence in how to make decisions with integrity. With this confidence you will take bold action in alignment with your divine blueprint.

There are some free tools that I can give you to get started right now! You can book a call with me right now or get the free resources below!


There is something you have with you everywhere you go that can help you calm down, reduce stress and change the trajectory of your day. Breath! That's right by just breathing the right way you can significantly improve your physical and mental health!

Reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed, increase focus, clarity, calmness and reset your nervous system.

Power Pause:Breathe Your Way to Inner Peace

With the 1 minute Power Pause you can set yourself up for success. Just by breathing you can reset your body and reduce stress.

Second step! Get Organized.

Track and Prioritize!

Remember that roadmap I mentioned?  Why don't we start with a simple guide. This worksheet is specifically designed to help you get clear on your priorities.  This clarity will help you feel more focused, peaceful, and free to move forward with purpose.

Track & Prioritize Task List: Strategize for Success

Our free Worksheet will help you develop successful strategies to track your tasks, projects, and goals with ease.

Take the guess work out and set yourself up for success with a tried and true simplified process! Gone are the days of feeling overwhelmed.

Utilized the worksheet over and over again to propel you forward, and keep you progressing no matter the project, goal, or task.

What if I still feel overwhelmed or lost?

If you haven't already, book a free discovery call with me, where I can tell you more about your Human Design roadmap.

Roadmap to Your Purpose

Need Help with the Roadmap to Your Purpose?

If you already know you want to schedule a MAP (Make Anything Possible) or Biofield Tuning Session you can fill out these forms:

Not Ready for a Call?

No Problem! Check our new self-paced Big Dreams Program.

Attract Your Perfect Customers

The life of your business has a Chart! Schedule a free discovery call with Sandra Lee of Miracle Inspirations.

You'll learn how a Human Design Chart Reading paired with Biofield Tuning and the MAP Method can help you tune into your gifts and share them. Clarify your voice and your message, in alignment with the truth of your design. You Shine and the world starts offering up a new menu of opportunities.


Biofield Tuning is a natural technique to pair with the reading of a Human Design Chart. Blockages and chaos in your energy pathways cause problems in mental and physical health and ultimately inhibit alignment with your true purpose.
The sound frequencies of an activated tuning fork break through those blockages, settle the chaos, and aid you in fully aligning with your gifts and how you use them to serve. Regular Chart Readings paired with tuning sessions are highly recommended by Miracle inspirations and Sandra Lee!

Tuning For Business

Is your business stuck? Are you looking for ways to make progress and find opportunity? Biofield Tuning can help business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs facilitate growth and hone their purpose, especially when paired with regular Business Design Chart Readings.

What People say


Esther Sarlo
Esther Sarlo
With an acute attention to detail, as well as drawing on her extensive background in healing modalities, and bolting all that to her intuition, Sandra really does produce remarkable and miraculous results.
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
I had the pleasure of being introduced to Sandra Lee through my business coach. I had just started diving into Human Design and had no idea what it meant, what it was showing or how I could leverage this new-found knowledge to improve my life. At our very first meeting I was drawn to her energy and her laid back enthusiasm (very chill, but still very excited) about the work she was doing. I felt at ease. I explained where I was in life, overworked, burned out, tired all the time, not taking care of myself, missing out on time with my family, absent in some ways to those that loved me most. I was hoping that working with Sandra would somehow help me re-balance things in my life and my work. I didn't know how biofield tuning worked or what it did and I was a little skeptical, but again I trusted Sandra from the start so I figured I would give it a whirl. Let me tell you - honestly - working with Sandra has been transformative in every way. I learned how to work in my flow - what my Human Design chart indicates for how I work and live. I learned how to be more present at home and in my business. I stopped being so SCATTERED all the time. I felt calm and I felt at peace. I got through some huge hurdles that came up along the way with the help of Sandra, these were big problems like cash flow issues, people and staffing problems and the ever-going work of "momming" to three little ones. Sandra is a breath of fresh air, in every way possible. She listens, she understands and she helps clear the blocks in your way. I cannot explain how this all works, but I can tell you that after just a few sessions with Sandra things were improving in my life and my home and my business. I was able to spend more time with my family, reconnect with my husband and be more present for my team and my business.
Chantel Lambros
Chantel Lambros
WOWOW!! What Sandra does is pure magic! I had never had a Biotuning experience before so went in with a pretty open mind! As soon as we began, I started to feel shifts. I had a pretty specific thing that I wanted to work through, and she was able to tune right into that issue. I work a lot with the Akashic Records in my own practice and she validated a lot of the messages I was getting in my own records - so that felt very reassuring. Sandra's knowledge and experience is so beautiful. Thank you for showing up the way you do in the world and allowing me to experience your beautiful medicine!
Valerie Terrell
Valerie Terrell
I really appreciate Sandra. I have visited her a many occasions for bio field tuning. Initially, I thought it was a regular massage, however it was a treatment done with tuning forks. The experience not only helped me, it relaxed me. You have to give it a try.
Tricia Laramee
Tricia Laramee
Nothing but excellent service and top-notch care 💗💗💗 Sandra is truly amazing at what she does ❤
I got the chance to try the new Inner Gem Shine cards and have them in my biofield tuning session and they are flat out amazing. As a former college coach for 15 years I can tell you that visualization is so important to take your game to the next level. All of us right now our game is our life and these cards will help you take your life to the next level.
Elizabeth Waugh
Elizabeth Waugh
Sandra is an incredible healer. During our biofield tuning session, which was focused on some issues with my sacral area, I literally felt waves of energy moving through the area and releasing a creativity blockage I'd been struggling with. Sandra is a warm and reassuring presence and I highly recommend Miracle Inspirations.
MaryT Will
MaryT Will
Sandra's sessions of bio tuning helped me to get grounded and more clear so I could step out of the storm from previous experiences to learning how to re-calibrate to create my life and business with more deliberation for forward movement. Thank you, Sandra!
Linda Crockett
Linda Crockett
Sandra Lee was incredible, she has fine tuned her practice and in my opinion is one of the best. This was my first experience of a full session, modified by her additional gifts, and it was profound for me. No one has ever tuned in to areas in my life like she has. She leaves no room for doubt about this amazing practice, and she most definitely helps shift things for me. It is only the next day for me so I am still very calmed, content, and a bit fatigued so her reminders of self care will be taken seriously. Sandra Lee is someone I will recommend, and I will see again.

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